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Re: The push button Combine [ & Tractor ]

It is hard to understand why some company executives want to either change or destroy company history. I have had an experience with AGCO executives several years ago. When they moved the Gleaner factory from Independence to Hesston they brought their Fordson mounted Gleaner that used to be up on poles at Independence. They repainted it and put it in the foyer of the reception area. They painted it totally wrong, red angle iron and used the metallic gray on the sheet iron. I told the executive that Gleaner painted all the angle iron hunter green, the only red Gleaner used was on the channel iron of the pull type combines and only the wheels and under the cylinder of the Fordson mounted machines.

He said "we know that but wanted to use only the silver and red to show the combining of the Gleaner and Massey heritage". I could not understand why they would knowingly deceive people to think this is the way the original machine was. Destroying, or at least changing history to make this merger seem more "natural".

I have an original 1927 pull type Gleaner Baldwin combine with all original paint and decals on it. Very pretty machine with Green, red and yellow with nice Galvanize. My 1923 in the 85th anniversary book Gleaner put out in 2008 is painted correctly.

I know when Allis-Chalmers bought Gleaner from the Baldwin family many loads of archive material was hauled to the Independence dump. Also alot of material was thrown away during the move to Hesston. I have some copies of research material from the development of the Corn Combine from 1930 that the originals were destroyed some time shortly after I got them to copy it for me. It's sad history could survive this long to be destroyed now. Some because an executive doesn't care, others because they want to change or hide history.
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