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Re: The push button Combine [ & Tractor ]

Just a side note to the Cat CID that ROM and his Brother had! Those same Cat reps were quoted as saying that it cost more R & D funds to find the right spot to put the access handles on the side of the machine, so you and me can get in to the tractor cab!

So next time your complaining about the Air con or heater in the latest machinery, it may be your respective manufacturer has spend the all R & D funds on the steps or handles around the top of the cab so you can hang on while you clean the window three time a year, instead of the AC which was just pinched from a Chev Caprice! And it don't work in 40 degree heat due to the fact that they have a four times the size heat exchanger in there for the heater!!! (Harvesting corn in the snow did convince me that they are needed that big! )
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