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Re: The push button Combine [ & Tractor ]

Yep, I remember the teacher in high school that taught 2 of the main acronyms I still use a lot today.
And never assume that you know something as you make an "As$" out of "U" and "me".

Some where along the line, I picked up on the notion to allways try to go as far back into the history of the concept you are trying to improve. For instance a combine's basic design and layout.

Mark Underwood and associates tryed some pretty cool stuff with the bi-rotor concept. But it was still a superstructured combine and with that came the common limitations that that design imposes.

I'll re upload that small bit of wisdom I found to quite the truth.

It wont take long and the fuel it will take just to propell the machine will make it no longer feasable to continue making machines larger. Eventually the size will begin imposing many limitations.

Eventually the combine will need to be reduced to its core job. That is to cut, thresh and seperate. Let the carts do the hauling.

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