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Re: Cameco 805

The Cameco's were strong and simple machines with minimal sophistication.

Very heavy build, Has 2wd to about 100/120 HP, mainly for haulage, FWA to about 220, then jumped to the 805 - think about 460 from memory.

JD quashed the line on taking over - they saw it as product duplication, which is a shame as the Cameco's were more towards the industrial market. (perhaps Bell had a say in that!!)

There is one in Holland - perhaps you have seen this:

To answer the Questions?

What - deep ploughing / marling on the Dutch polders. The polders are reclaimed land.

Why - On ocasions a marling operation is required. The plough has a big blade and a skimmer - the top layer is put into the furrow bottom while the big blade brings material from the bottom to the top. Bringing nutrient rich siol to the surface is one use of the technique, another is marling, there granular under soil is mixed with clay topsoil to improve friability and drainage.

How - the Cameco is a strong draft tractor - however it is unable to deep plow or handle the plough. It helpd the Fendt (Multiple Fents, Masseys and Challengers all used but always a Fendt on the Plough.

The Fendt mounts and can control the plough accurately, whilst the Vario transmission self adjusts to the forces applied by the Cameco.

And the Fendts are able to do it.
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