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Western Grain Dryer 3 11-21-2018 12:48 PM
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Picture Outdoor Lights -- Lights that help stay secure, lights that can add style to your life
If lighting is essential to indoor spaces, it’s equally important to have it in outdoor spaces and in the right way. The right way would mean illuminating your outdoor spaces in such a way that you feel safe and secure, refreshed and healthy.

You could be having plenty of options to choose from when considering the outdoor lights and that could be based on your purpose. You might shop for outdoor lights when it’s festive season and decoration of your home outdoor is the key concern. Or, you could go for outdoor lights which adds safety to your home or workspace environment.

It could be patio or porch lights. It could be strip or string lights. It could garden lights, bollard lights, pillar lights, high mast lights, street lights, flood lights and outdoor wall lamps. And then,
it could be pole light, flood light, wall packs, canopy lights or corn bulbs. Each have a set of utilities to fulfill unique needs. But, let’s be clear on this that what LED lights can do, the conventional lighting can not.

So, let’s understand the benefits of LED outdoor lighting over any of the conventional lighting options and also the latest in trend -- the solar lights.

The outdoor lighting by way of LED lights provide better luminience than any of the conventional light bulbs/lamps

The exterior lights that work on the principle of LED technology are available in wattages much lower than the conventional light bulbs, for e.g. a 50 watt incandescent light bulb can be replaced with a 5 watt LED flood light (as an outdoor LED light) and reflect the same kind of light or even brighter light. Why? Because wattage means how much energy has been utilized by the bulb. Hence, more wattage doesn’t mean more brightness but rather the use of energy. It’s the lumens which are responsible for the level of brightness. Hence, a 50 watt LED flood light or LED wall pack would emit about 3000-6500 lm, which means more brightness. In case of any conventional bulb. You will need 200 watt incandescent bulb.

The outdoor lighting in the form of LED lights are safe to the eyes and are also eco-friendly

The conventional outdoor lights contain mercury in them so toxic to the environment. Additionally, they may have the harmful UV or IR beams which can discoloration of objects.

It’s only the LED outdoor lighting that can work even in winters

It’s not the traditional bulbs or the solar lights that can survive the harshest of weather conditions. Solar lighting in any case would work in tropical climate where lights need to be sufficiently charged during the daytime. What in regions where there is a lack of sunlight.

The outdoor LED lights come in variety and resemble the natural light

Any of the outdoor LED lights that are available in the market come in various color temperatures and color temperature is represented by Kelvin. The higher the Kelvin, the more cooler the color of light and hence light bulbs pack that say “cool white light” mean 5000K and above and resemble the noon of sunlight. The lesser the Kelvin degree, the more warmer is the light and so you often find the “yellowish glow” of the lights -- this especially observed in all the conventional lights. My guess is you would always want to have cool white light or daylight that gives relief to your eyes.
Further, ask about home decor or office decor, outdoor lights in the form of LED lighting is always there to your rescue.

The final word

There are many more benefits of LED outdoor lights over the conventional outdoor lights which can not be described in just one go. As you get to understand the essence of technology that a bulb or light operates on, you get to better understand its utility. But, it was time that you discarded the conventional bulb and got it replaced with the latest in innovation -- the LED outdoor lights.
ledmyplace 2 07-20-2018 06:26 PM
Picture Dryer
K_melnyk 1 06-11-2018 11:27 AM
Picture Harvest
Valent 2 03-01-2018 10:12 AM
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