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  • d672 ·
    Hi, I don't like to post much out in public so I sent you a pm. We use parallel bar/diamond harrows to smooth the ground out. It levels really nice behind a cultivator and believe it or not, firms the soil so it doesn't blow bad. You might get a little sifting on top if it's dry and sandy land, but that is all.It also really helps to hold the moisture when you do it rather than leaving the soil fluffy so it dries out. I don't know how to explain it, when you look at the harrows you wouldn't think they would do what they do but they do. I posted a picture in my personal album of a summerfallow field i worked last spring before seeding. If you look close the field was a bit wavy from rodweeding the fall before and I was working it with a cultivator pulling a harrow drawbar behind on chains. The picture isn't that great when i posted it on here but it left a beautiful level job after. Judging from what you explained you did to your land this might be an option. Good luck!
    danchoi123 ·
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