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  • kaanakgser ·
    Dear Brian, I can't change icons.

    I have translated this sentence, but I did not understand, in Visual Studio 2019, what files can I change the icon? Thank you from now.

    ""Struggling to do any languages lately. Change one thing and it messes up all the languages
    You can change it in visual studio by going to the form properties selecting the button and selecting a different one in image props, rebuild it and you're good. Hard to find a picture that makes sense on selecting 2 different tabs, or like the field/boundary/ menus etc.""
    Piasafarmer ·
    I want to start off with You are AMAZING! I love the generosity and talent you posses. Thank you for putting together what many of us farmers have been waiting for!

    I have built the autosteer. During testing I noticed our old Outback S1 wasn't giving the speed data to AOG.

    I have NMEA set to GGA. I've tried just about every setting on the S1. Do you have to also have VTG for speed? It tracks great, just no speed. It will fix speed on last value before connection to S1. What am I doing wrong? I saw a video that looked like GPS was from a S1.

    nik ram ·
    Good afternoon brian
    I missed the changes in automatic steering.
    why did you add to the MMA 8452 Inclinometer scheme
    bno055 is not enough
    how the addition to the MMA 8452 scheme affected the operation of the system
    RodrigoModolo ·
    Good night brian. I am a brazilian and i love technology, i have your program and i am testing various functions that have only helped in the field, congratulations for work, you are sensational.
    I would like to know how i can help some things in the program, i see that they do not have in portuguese (br), i can help to translate the commands. I have several electronic devices i've come buying at a time and i wanted to talk with everyone. I am devaging as a forum, i want to increase the matter of agriculture of accuracy with all of the group.
    Thank you very much for the attention
    paradocs ·
    Good evening Brian,
    I came across your work on AgopenGPS and have been very intrigued. Impressive combination of technology with production Ag.

    In a couple of the articles that feature you online, they show pictures of a Can bus reader interface board.

    Have you worked with this much? I have studied this for a while now and have wanted to develop a simple system to monitor a couple of diesel power plants that use Can bus. I don’t want to change engine parameters just create a GUI of an engine dashboard and have the possibility of a remote kill switch if necessary. I have read about the Can bus controller from Sparkfun and several other webpages related to this, but they do not talk about diesel engines nor any remote monitoring.

    If you have any resources that you could easily pass my way, I would sincerely appreciate your time.
    Andreas Ortner ·
    hi Brian. if you like to have some cool gps stuff. i have acess to the bd982 board. its but on a developer board with antennat connectors,interfaceces... and network interface, setup is over a webinterface. card is fully open

    77911-15 Trimble BD982,RTK REFERENCE/ROVER GPS/GLN/GAL/BDS + Heading (Dual Antenna Enabled)3Trimble BD982,RTK REFERENCE/ROVER GPS/GLN/GAL/BDS + Heading (Dual Antenna Enabled)3*L1/L2 antennas required to compute heading with the 30/10cm Position version of the BD982

    heading <0.09º at 2 m baseline of antennas

    price € 1200 ex vat and antennas + shipping + insurance
    Gert ·
    Hi Brian,

    my compliments for your great agopengps tool! It looks very nice!
    I made some modification (I hope improvements) to it. I've sent you an email about that, but haven't received a replay yet.
    I want to make some changes to your application for auto steering. Therefore I want to calculate the position of the vehicle in near future (let say 2 a 3 seconds ahead).

    I've looked to the calculations in CContour.cs (DistanceFromContourLine) and CABLine.cs (getCurrentABLine).
    What's the difference between mf.fixPosX and

    I think the mf.fixPosX is the value of the previous posistion.
    Is that correct? I think that (and must be used in the calculations.

    Kind regards,
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