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  • kenmb ·
    Used to work out of Siemens electric motor repair shop in Regina. All large shops will have a mechanical service/vibration analysis guy for site work. In Regina there is Siemens and Tesco. In Saskatoon GMR and Precision Mechanical and more. Youngs equipment said there is a mobile guy. Call up one of the motor shops they may give you the contact info for an independent. Rick Eady at Siemens Regina ph 721-2566 is shop supervisor and may have a contact, Zac is the mechanical services guy there so could ask for him. At Tesco there is Danny Smith or Dennis Kippling to talk to, i have worked with all these guys for years, Danny or Dennis will do what they can to help a farm boy out by giving advice or name of independent. If you say Ken Bohn suggested you call any of these guys it may get you a little more help. Sorry, dont know guys in Saskatoon personally.

    If you find contact info for independent you should post it in your thread.

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