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  • wmoebis ·
    Hey Don did you get my response to your query? I don't know my way around this site that good and not sue if it was sent. Anyhow I am headed East this morning and thought if you were around I would stop by for coffee. I am leaving Olds shortly.
    Don Boles ·
    Thanks Barry.
    Yes I know Chris, have had him out on a few occasions and back in 2008 he supplied and installed the entire auto steer system on the 595 back when Claas still thought the sun rises and sets on Laser Pilot. Actually, they still do.
    Chris is very knowledgeable and personal, read, he has a lot of patients with a dummy like me.
    The RTK is Deere, a shared tower on the second hill of Three Hills, only 1200 m from my yard.
    Transaxial ·
    Hi Don, sorry to hear you are having such a trying time with your Trimble . I find I just can't catch on and figure things out like some of the young guys can. Pretty **** frustrating for me too. I have one younger friend that is very sharp on that stuff and I often call him and he often steers me right. No pun intended! He has tried all the satellite only levels of GPS and wound up with a couple of partners on an RTK tower. That is by far the best system he has found. I wondered why if you have RTK in your seeding tractor, you don't use that system. Or maybe if you are working for other guys you are too far away from a tower? Just a suggestion for Trimble help, do you know about Accufarm at Strathmore? Chris Nelson there has set up all my units and I find him and his employees to be very helpful, even though they are 160 miles away.

    Good luck, Barry
    Don Boles ·
    Seems high, I THINK the 760 gets auto shutdown but not hydraulic manual rotor covers.
    780 gets larger hopper but only on tracks.
    Don Boles ·
    I'm afraid Nodust the answer is yes.
    I used a 873/972 but never in canola and never on a combine of the sort of capacity you're trying.
    I can see it being more frustration then its worth.:(
    Nodust ·
    Having trouble with 972-873 Macdon in canola on a lexion. Added pea auger this year haven't tried it yet! Should I keep swathing?
    Don Boles ·
    He does and it's usually in good fun.
    I received PM apologies from both of those posters.
    I just hope they both stay on.
    CRToney ·
    Who would think a thread on Volvo trucks could go so silly. AB sure likes to stir the pot. I'm sure he enjoys it.
    farminflyboy ·

    Liba keeps spamming my in box with creepy messages, he has zero posts and I believe he just want to hack my email. I can forward them to you if you want, because I think he needs bounced.

    Thank you,

    Michael Sekavec
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