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  • SWFarmService ·
    Wow, wondering if you just got the message? Or if I just got yours? No problem. It was an Eaton, oddly enough I grabbed another drive motor and it worked but I still am puzzled why I had no charge pressure. For reference when I got it rolling the charge pressure was about 280#. Don't know if I had two different problems or what the deal was.
    danchoi123 ·
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    jborden3 ·
    doorknob i am trying to send you a message about your drag and it dose not seam to be sending to you i would like some info on the drag you built i am trying to build a drag to run over our pasture fields where we run our cattle
    doorknob ·
    Povl, it appears sperry vickers is now part of the eaton corporation. IMO, that is a good thing as eaton is huge and seems to have good customer service.
    Here's a link to HSC which supports eaton.
    And one to the eaton customer service. They can tell you where your nearest service center is so you can find diagrams and other vital information.

    Otherwise, I have not been around an OMC, so I can not be of any help. Sorry.

    dblack2206 ·
    Were no local drills.... there is now ; ]. Got an 1890. Plan on using most all of Needhams add ons, or other companies with similar upgrades. I think in our dry area it will be ideal. The shallowest we seed is usually 1". I think the disc will have an easier go of that. Not that we have a problem achieving that with our hoe drill, its just that we have to move so much soil to only seed at 1" depth. I think this will allow us to hit that depth without loosing so much moisture. Excited about the 10" spacing as well. I hear i need a stripper header now... oh boy... and so it goes lol.
    doorknob ·
    We use a 1590, box drill version. Is there a way you can rent an 1890 for a field or two first? If there are other 1890s local to you, then you likely will get along fine. But I have found every area has it's own issues with closing the seed trench using the single disk. You may have to buy a specific aftermarket closing wheel to get the job done for your soils and residue load. IMO. Especially if your legumes are small seed and need shallower planting. Just like your tine drill, shallow plating can be tricky.
    dblack2206 ·
    Hey. How are things going? Saw your post on the bio thread. Do you use an 1890 for seeding? Or the box drill version. I am thinking of selling my shank drill to get the 1890 for moisture conservation and building residue. Also thinking of going to a more continuous cropping system with legumes.
    doorknob ·
    In a closed loop, reversible system, the charge pump's sole business in to make up fluid volume lost thru the cooler, right? So if I noticed low charge pressure with all new pumping components, I would look at the motor maybe leaking too much thru to the case line. If the motor has issues, it can sometimes show up as pump issues in a closed loop system. I would find the spec for case line volume tolerance and see if it is within spec. Reason for me looking at case line, is in reversible closed loop, the low pressure line might carry charge pressure/volume thru to case line. Does that sound plausible?
    SWFarmService ·
    Got to pick your brain a bit, got a 1480 that lost charge press on the hydro ended up replacing the charge pump relief valve and was good for a few days, combine got jerky and strange, charge press was low again, lines to the tranny motor would not warm up with tranny in neutral so just got mad and put on a reman pump since my splines weren't too hot and the main shaft had already been replaced once. Now it warms up the lines but still has only about 10-15 psi charge press does that make any sense to you. Pulling out my hair this year, been one prob after another.

    Thanks man!
    doorknob ·
    I dont know why you would want to bale the straw, but if you must, the chemical lable will dictate any usage limitations and should be adhered to. If it removed for rotation purposes, then yes, it can be baled behind the combine, though again, your straw load and condition will vary from my own. If it is hot and dry when you combine, the straw will be fine and you may need to rake a wide swath to get the baler to pick it up. If it is a bit tough to combine, then the straw will be long and able to pickup with the baler fine. IMO. But we prefer to leave the clover straw as a very good soil builder and worm food.

    Hope that helps somewhat.
    All the best.
    doorknob ·
    The seed count sounds quite normal for my area red clover seed production. If the blooms were hit by high temps at low humidity and the pollinators (bees) could not work fast enough before the bloom dessicated in the wind, the seed count will be low. If a good pollination and mild temps allow for long bloom time, seed count should be high as long as the aphids and nitidulids were kept under control.

    In my area, when the conditions are as you describe, long bloom time and variable seed counts, we tend to watch the forecast and wait as long as possible before cutting. But in my area, we need about 5 days of good dry time between windrowing and combining. I have dessicated and direct cut before. It works fine, but your dessication performance will vary from mine.

    I have to make this into 2 postings for character limits. ·
    Good day sir. I have a question about red clover seed production. I have a very nice stand that has been flowering for 6+ weeks already and still flowering. But the heads are quite variable in the # of seeds per head. Anywhere from 8-25/30 per head. My goal is 200lbs/acre minimum. This is my try at growing red clover so should I be worried?

    Another question

    Can a guy bale the straw after putting it through a 1680 combine with specialty rotor. The crop will be dessicated with diquat.

    doorknob ·
    You bet. Been using it towing a liquid fert sprayer. Works awesome. Did'nt get any video yet. But it's doing great. Other than that, have'nt had time for any big projects.
    kirschenman ·
    Planning on coming to Oregon for a little vacation. My wife is excited about food trucks in Portland, but I see that you are very near and would like to visit if that works. Planning on being gone the end of June and early part of July and would probably be near you in July.
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