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  • TSIPP ·
    Hi EBEAR, here’s the model number A504BD and the serial number 10326945
    I did edit the serial number just now, it’s a little hard to read but I’m sure this one is good.
    arie515 ·
    Hi EBEAR,
    We are trying to get the Kirovets 428 hp tractor re-established in USA/Canada.
    Therefore, we are looking for launch customers in several key areas.
    The factory authorized us to offer an E X T R E M E L Y good price/lease deal for those few initial customers.
    The deal would also include power train warranty up to 8,000 hours (!) / 5 years.
    In exchange:
    1) Assuming you are happy with the tractor(s), we will ask for your testimonial and permission to provide your name as a reference to other farmers.
    2) Terms and conditions of your deal must remain confidential.

    If you are in the market for a new Tier 3 (no DEF) tractor and could be interested, please email me to aprilik[at]mtzequipment[dot]com with your contact information.

    PS We are also organizing a trip to the factory in St. Petersburg Russia - if you're interested.
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