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  • Farmermb ·
    I.dont have any test strips or trials to shoe you. I didn't have any drift issues and was impressed with the drift I saw visually. I spray around 16 mph. I'm not 100 convinced that the hta is as good as a good set of nozzles runni g at the correct pressure.
    jimbobobaroo ·
    Do you use HTA all the time?

    I had a drift issue last year with the smaller HTA nozzles. When Agrifac was here he suggested I may have less of an issue with the larger HTA nozzles because it basically just moves the dial over a couple ticks, and no-one ever sprays at the 2 smallest settings anyways.

    I'm usually spraying about 11 mph. Are you going faster than that?
    Do have have an example with test strips, you could send me a pic of?

    Thx in advance,
    jimbobobaroo ·
    Hi Aaron.
    It's my understanding you have the larger HTA nozzles on your sprayer. Is that correct?
    If so, do you spray anything down to 5 gpa? I was curious about the coverage you were getting and if you had done any test strips.

    jimbobobaroo ·
    Guess I don't pay much attention and I missed this.

    I haven't had that type of trouble yet. I have noticed some of the sections are slower turning on than others though.
    Could be the same type of issue.i think Arjan mentioned that Vaseline was the grease to use.
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