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  • FarmInStrips ·
    I saw that you had a TR98 service manual you were no longer needing. We just upgraded to a 98 from 85s. Would you be interested in selling your manual?
    2rotors ·
    Have u decided on a machine yet? Mbfarmer argues with me every time I give my 2cents comparing the machines. We ran a tr98 and 480 lexion side by side since 2001 then got into a cr9070 in 2007 and ran it next to the 480 til fall of 08 when we upgraded to a 590r and upgraded the cr to a 2009 model that year. We run one cat, and one nh side by side each with 40 ft. Heads. If I were you I would jump at the 2009 cr9070. The general thought has been if we could get good trade value from the cat we would run 2 new hollands but the nh dealers don't want the cats. Just my 2 cents
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