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  • jaydee ·
    Its not my fault that your country is decades behind when it comes to technology,the last great thing you guys came up with was landing on the moon,and even that was based on stolen german technology;-)
    8850jd ·
    With all these German engineering quotes out there... where's the "I must be perfect cuz my parents German engineered me" there has been a few lexion Deere threads.... would be perfect for You. :)
    farmerjoe4 ·
    I posted that "i'm confused" when i was trying to register and post a new thread and was litterally very confused. I didn't even know where the "i'm confused" would end up. It's better now.
    jaydee ·
    We are planning to buy straight cut headers this year...Since we need to swath the canola anyway and have big swathers to do that,we always felt it wouldnt make sense to invest that much money into headers.
    mat ·
    Hi jaydee, after looking at some of your posts, just wondering why you do not have straight cut headers for your 9870s, and therefore swath everything. Just curious
    jaydee ·
    Would like to have a salford rts,looks like the perfect machine for wet conditions.I am ready since last fall,cant wait to start field work.Keep me updated how that RTS works.Regards,Hans
    proskoj ·
    hey ya u bet we re using the graincart as a surge wagon to keep the blend plant ahead of the floater if the need should arise. (i hope not again!) it is a salford rts 50 ft machine that i bought last fall. it something new and different so i thought we might have a good fit for it. time will tell i suppose. you guys ready for spring?
    Valtra01 ·
    Hi, sorry for the late post on the john deere 8850 thread, I have some photos of my Massey 5200 up if you still want to see them.
    jaydee ·
    1400 and 1600.New emission standard makes the engines perform better again.Some guys say the big dog will be a 9650R,others say it will be a 9560R...
    sa64 ·
    I am looking at the pics of new JD 4wd's. Looks good to me, but do not know how they will perform with the new emission standards engines. How many hours are on the 535's ?
    jaydee ·
    Not much,getting the Quads ready for seeding,mine is done already,its really nice and clean now inside the cab,not a single wire or harness on the floor,and better view to the right side.Working on Kentons right now.How do you like the New Deere 4WDs?
    sa64 ·
    Hi, how are you? I was last year the last time on this website and saw you are inline. What are you doing?
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