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  • Tin Man ·
    No Worries, I should have tried to run AHC during wheat but didn't. Makes perfect sense it would now that I think about it and you tell me I can. When I was running my 9250 AGCO head it wasn't an option unless I added something to the head such as one of your systems. Now that I know I can run auot head in wheat this just makes the MacDon and even better choice for a header. Thank You for the reply.
    Tin Man ·

    I have an S88 Gleaner and a 40' FD75. I bought your system to put on the combine to smooth out the automatic header operation and also the lateral tilt kit from you for the FD75. Both work great!! My question is when cutting wheat obviously with the head up off the ground we are not using automatic header, is it possible for the lateral tilt option to still function when cutting wheat for those times when crossing draws and on uneven ground?
    MulkruBdy ·
    Good afternoon Jeff

    I saw a reply that you gave another member regarding Field Tracker problems.

    I am struggling with the wiring on a 1680 with a 1020 header. The field tracker S/N is HCC0002684.

    Do you per chance have a wiring diagram and/or manual for this? That would make my life so much easier if you could please assist.

    Greetings from South Africa!

    rd ·
    We actually recommend replacing it with a 10 turn bi-direction flow valve for best control.

    Hey Jeff,

    I found this in one of your replies regarding Gleaners header accumulator valve. Is this a special valve or would my dealer know what it would take. I also saw a post for a "Gleaner fix kit". What is this? No hurry. I've got a R65 with a 3000 cornhead fighting the hops for what it's worth.

    Thanks Riley
    allis4ever ·
    Hey jeff, Just a couple questions when you have a sec

    Calibrated two corn heads with headsight (both with foresight). The up voltages were all within .2, but the down voltages got as high as .5 or .6 (forgot to take a pic). These were both done on pretty smooth concrete, At dealer training they said they should all be within .2 or .3 when on the ground.

    Is this ok??? and if not what can i change to correct it, since the mounts and snouts are all even>

    feel free to send to my email instead of here if you like

    weltonkb at


    Kirk welton

    Also installed the gleaner fix kit, and that is nice being able to adjust the flow from the cab, cannot wait to use it in the field when fine tuning.
    ehoff1 ·
    Jeff, I posted about lateral tilt not working on my S67. My tech cant figure it out. Can you call me! I will pay you for your time. 660-621-2548 Eddie Hoff
    NowGleaner7 ·
    Do you have a contact number to contact headsight header control for Gleaner S67 about getting more info and ordering etc. TIA Dave
    amishdonkeys ·
    Can you tell more about AHHC for a Macdon header using a 3pt plug & sensor pot? Run a 974 header with 873 adapter on 2388 combine. Also run the hyd cyl for header tilt
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