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  • dirtfarmer1000 ·
    Just reading some info and posts on Pillar drills.....wondering if you went a head and purchased one? Are you running a bourgault cart with it? TBT or TBH? Are you happy? Its a little late but we just purchased a used 40 ft on 10 inch spacings and plan on purchasing a 6550 TBT to pair with it.
    I am tired of dealing with wet and lodged straw in the spring. Hoping to pull it with a 375 hp tractor in some moderate hills. Was wondering to if 36 GPM of hydraulics is enough to run the drill and cart with 2 fans taking up 22 gpm of oil, or if we would need to look at an atom jet kit...maybe you cannot answer that if you are running a newer hi flow tractor.

    Thanks, Kent
    kauppfarms ·
    Thanks for that! Very much appreciated. Weighing all our options here. 3720 is probably our preferred route but that long 3710 thread scared the **** out of me. Thanks for the Info
    Haystack ·
    Part 3 End (tentative)
    Truthfully learning the finer points of the cart and the monitor is by far more challenging, but you can mess up easily with single discs if you aren't use to them.

    Using the stainless steel Airgaurd brakes on the seed openers combined with the prototype plug style caps has provided tremendous day after day trouble free air distribution and plant spacing.

    The drill has awesome capability but requires some retained surface residue in windy areas with lighter soils.

    I would rather adjust field management to suit the drill than use a different drill to suit the management, its that good !
    Haystack ·
    Part 2. of 4.
    I understand that earlier 3710's had grease-able brass bushings that could become loose over time.

    I expect this drill will be used for about 10 years, just like the 1895 it replaced, that left with 100000 acres on it.

    It isn't in rocks except occasional strays from numerous reclaimed yard sites. It's a moist area here so generally high down pressures are not needed and the openers are at no risk at all from impact damage. Actually you can't go overboard on the down pressure either for penetration purposes or packing, but closing and packing is much better than the green design. I would guess that in rocky conditions disc wear would accelerate, but they are inexpensive and easy to change in the grand scheme of things. I suspect with 70' and this usage we will change discs either at 30000 or 40000 acres.
    Haystack ·
    part 1. of 4
    Yes going to a different concept in drill design can be a worrisome process for sure. Since you are asking about the 3720 in particular I can state that it appears to be a very durable linkage design on the openers. The one I drive but do not own has about 20000 acres on it now. It has the grease-able Torrington bearings and seals in all pivot points. We actually only grease it about every 3000 to 5000 acres and they will only need 2 or 3 shots. It's mostly used on no till as well as vertical till situations that are harrowed, so generally the openers move very little when planting.

    We used a new 60' 3710 for one year while waiting for the 70' HF 3720's to go into regular production. That particular 3710 was a 2014 model and had greaseless composite bushings in its pivot points. We only used it for about 10000 acres and had no issues with the bushings, but I don't think it would have lasted like I expect a 3720 will.
    aussie farmer ·
    Shame about the arguments on your thread , wish people could stay on topic anyway I put a bit up there for ya click on the picks to make the bigger I will find a pick of our rake too.
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