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  • bmich ·
    Hi Kendalwpg,

    I've been following the Grain bin thread. I'm also looking for more bins. Debating whether to go 42 or 48ft 10 to 12 rings high. This will be a big jump in size for me as my big bins now are 2707
    Westeels. I've been pricing Westeel from Wall and GSI from Wentworth. I have no experience with GSI. Most bins around this area are Westeel. Approx $0.12 per bushel cheaper to go to 48 vs 42. Just not sure if I want to go that big. Also I only have single phase so motor size is limiting factor on 48ft bins. What are your thoughts on the GSI product? I'm assuming you priced against Westeel. The bins look OK. Think I like the Westeel door and roof lid better. GSI roof lid is only 33" vs 52 " on Westeel and they got that goofy 2 pce roof sheet system vs 1 pce on a Westeel. I think I prefer the GSI aeration floor. Looks solid. How was Wentworth for service? What was their concrete work like?

    bmich ·
    Hello kendalwpg,

    Read your posts about landrollers. Currently looking for one. Do youo have a phone number for Excel? Where are they located? couldn't find anything online.

    Thanks, Bmich
    MCatSHF ·
    Hello Kendalwpg
    Was it you who was looking for a set of drainage wheels? I just saw this ad on Kijijii.
    drainage wheels | farming equipment | Winnipeg | Kijiji
    kendalwpg ·
    Hi sorry I just relized I had a message from this point I guess I wont be taking your shanks....the prob is I need 31 and to buy the extra ones from Atom Jet is way too much money. I also found another guy in SK who has 24 but obviously doesnt want to break up his set either. I have a buddy who has 31 Valley ones for $100 each so I will probably just take his.
    tmk ·
    Good Morning Kendal , I thought I should contact you and see if you were still interested in the Atom Jet mid-row banding shanks ? Could you let me know either way please . Thank you . Terry
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