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  • CRToney ·
    We already had some components and I was familiar with installation and operation. Our dealer is good and it would have cost me twice as much for the NH system. A buddy has the same system on the same machine so he's just a ph call away if I ran into a snag. It seemed accurate enough. We set swather to 29 ft silaging we couldn't take a full 30 ft so we set to 25 ft and it worked great.
    CRToney ·
    Outback VsI with sts is what we used. It worked ok. Set it to 17.5 ft. Outback has good support. It took me a while to pull steering wheel. Less expensive than other auto steer.
    CRToney ·
    I talked to one salesman who couldn't sell us a new machine said to get a discbine if we would avg 2.5-3 bales per ac if less than that get sickle machine. We bought a NH8060 so we could run a 16' discbine if we wanted. We could cut 7.5 mph in light hay with the 18' haybine. We bought a baleking 14 wheel rake as our jiffy was needing replacement. It is twice the rake of the jiffy. If you have heavy hay get a disc is my understanding but if you have a lot of stones get a sickle. I guess you have to change knives on disc machines quite often. We could easily cut 100 ac from noon till quitting time. We put in outback auto steer too.
    harvestmoon ·
    Our growing season is very much like Grande Praire. Seems like we might be abit dryer for the most part. Yeah it's been a really cold winter. Last summer we had record high temps. we were low to mid 30 degree celious for like 60 straight days. With the record high being 41. So yeah it gets warm up north to. Where are you from??

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