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  • dieselburner11 ·
    Slightly different fan. Cant say it sucked a whole lot better than the original. I guess if you have to put money into a fan you may as well put that one in. I got sick of fixing the rest of the machine though and traded it in. 5200 with the bearings in the auger instead of those stupid bushings a better setup.
    Hải Đà o ·
    hoc ke toan o dau gia lam
    học kế toán ở đâu tốt nhất
    học kế toán thực tế tại cổ bi
    đào tạo kế toán ở thủ đức
    hoc ke toan cap toc o vinh phuc
    trung tâm kế toán hà đông
    lớp học kế toán ở nam định
    địa chỉ học kế toán ở đống đa
    ibdrgn ·
    Just wondering if you still have that loup system for sale and if so how much and what do you all have. My dad is looking for a loup system for his concord like I have.
    Alberta Pioneer ·
    Do you still have that private forum going? Interested in joing if so. My email is my name, first and last as one word, all lower case, Any snow melting down your way?
    doorknob ·
    Should be able to. My email is irafarmar2 (at) hotmail (dot) com We'll contact as the day gets closer. We usually are windrowing grass about the 5th of july or so.
    Alberta Pioneer ·
    I've been reading your blog a little, and been thinking about your post about compaction. I wonder if you're seeing levels of compaction due to the thickness/prominence of the roots/root mat of the natural sod? Might skew your results a little. Have you compared against any neighbours yet?
    Alberta Pioneer ·
    So, boss gave me lovely news today, I get to go to Regina.... tomorrow -_- Should have asked you a long time ago, do week days work at all? Hope your time off (vacation/holiday?) went well. Sorry for the run-around, boss and I are working out "time off", even after 5 months.
    Alberta Pioneer ·
    Snow down your way? Couldn't see more than 30 yards in front of the pickup this morning, didn't even get to the neighbours driveway. Fun having snow days again! Hopefully be melted and gone by early next week.
    Dpaul ·
    Bought a case 3230 sprayer any tips on setting it up problems etc.didn't go with aim went with varitargets instead anyone have any feed back on those
    CRToney ·
    Sorry to hear about your plasma. Give me a call or your number and I'm sure we can settle on a price for the consumables.
    Chuck 306 672-3694 or cell 306-671-7454
    Alberta Pioneer ·
    Hmmm. Let me think about it a bit, that would be very ideal since I have a small drill conversion planned for 12ish of the openers - so I would have some spares. What price range are you thinking?
    Alberta Pioneer ·
    Hope the weather down your way is good, wife and I were in Lloyd yesterday and it's pretty sticky still, looks like they got plenty of moisture so far.

    Are we still on for the Bartons? If so I'm still interested. Let me know if you're in any rush to get them out of the yard, I can come down sooner rather than later.

    Hope all is well.
    2388h ·
    Are you planting winter peas,or sping peas, and what rate are you planting. The couple of years we have grown winter peas we have planted them at 95ppa on 15 inch spacing, first year what did'nt winter kill did 3,450 ppa. Winter kill is our biggest problem.
    2388h ·
    Kirschenman, how did the wide row spaceing turn out and are you done with harvest? We just finished yeaterday, thank god, and what a crop it was, best we have ever had.
    matt hagny ·
    Gee, it's tough to keep a secret :)

    We're finishing up a couple last details on the R&D. Give me your email and I can send a couple of pics.
    2388h ·
    We are not equipment poor, that is for sure. Life would be a lot easier if no-till worked in our area, but it doesn't. The wide row spacing deffinatly works on our area, 10-12 inches of rainfall. Even in the spring we don't see any yield difference between 10 & 16 inch spaced spring wheat.
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