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  • Terawet ·
    Hello I read a few of your posts regarding spray drift. We have a highly effective product for spray drift that has been used by the US Air Force for 12 years now. Check it out here and let me know if you have any questions
    Airex DC ? Terawet Green Technologies
    magna ·
    Railcars, if you need a hand doing cars, get in touch with me, as it turns out kinda handy in Eyebrow finding stuff when things break, and if there is to much help you can tell me to go home. We can workout the details. shoot me a text 3067597616
    lambear ·
    Huh, just noticed this, we didn't have much luck with it to tell u the truth. It was a high hour machine, had to replace the wheel motors was a $25000 touch, may have been from poor treatment from previous owner... It loses power when you get in a sticky spot, and the way the "gears" work is 1st gives you lots of jam but not a lot of speed, but it directs most of the oil flow to the back wheels where all the weight is so if you do get stuck you have to try and back out, u cannot go forward, where as in road gear it has the oil flow evenly with all 4 wheels, seems a bit bass akwards.. It's loud and rough.. But other than all of that it's fairly bullet proof once u get used to it, u can cover a ton of ground in a day!
    saskgrainfarmer ·
    Hi, I noticed you were in the market for a High Clearance Sprayer and looks like you purchased a 1074 Rogator. We have a similar size farms, 3000 acres and are looking at a 1074 rogator. Just wondered what your experiences have been so far with it and wondering what you think. We are looking at a 2005. Thanks Rob
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