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  • danchoi123 ·
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    ryegrass ·
    Is there a "fan slow down kit " installed on it. If you are considering growing grass seed or clover you may need it.
    ryegrass ·
    Ask him how many hours ago were the rotors taken out .
    Were they balanced befor reinstalling?
    Did they have new spiket bearings replaced on their shafts where they join into the gearboxes?
    Has the shaker box bearings ever been replaced?
    Grab hold of big main pulley that the main 4rib belt runs down to from engine, see if you can get any play in it side to side, a tweak of that nut on shaft may be needed . A grease zerk can easily be drilled into that cap.
    It may be an old combine but they are easier to fix than later model makes and because of the 2 bottom sieves the seed sample can be cleaned up very well.
    Ask for whatever sieves they had for it as you may need hem for all your various crops.
    Was this combine from the McMinnville area?
    I saw one there a few years ago .
    ryegrass ·
    G'day nh1825, we run a tr70&85. Both have been good machines for the past 30 yrs.
    If you can get "s-cube" rotors for yours you'll be able to handle more damp crop and reduce stress on the whole machine. I found engine temp is cooler and a little less fuel conSumed. We did windrowed peas , oats ,canola, clover & grassseed with ours. Feel free to message me if you need tips on her.
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