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  • Hải Đà o ·
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    bundaleer ·
    thanks for your help! turns out he used live about 20kms from here in the 80s. Small world. hes sending the over. thanks again
    wiscjim ·
    Hey nig I didn't geT your message till I had passed by your way but thanks anyway. I had limited wi fi. Anyway I did pass through your way you got some nice country there and I did stay just north of you anyway. GOOD LUCK
    nig71 ·
    Tell me some more, I might be able to give you some seasonal work until you find a permanant position, If I had had a better year I would like to employ someone full time. I am about to sit down and do my budget so i will find out.

    My farm is a cropping farm and has a technical focus. I run autosteer tractors (JD) and I also have 4 children. There are lots of south africans out here.

    I will give you the number of Laubie; he is a south african who has made the move and will tell you more. He is driving trucks nowhis phone number is 0400260711. I have talked to him about you and he knows of a position that requires someone that is married so it may be a good lead. I am not sure of what prefixes you will need in front of that mobile number although i suggest if you do not have any success you should drop the 0 on the front of the number after you put in the country codes. I hope this helps regards michael hart
    sa64 ·
    Hi Michael. I would like a permanent or seasonal work. I am 51 years and will need a sponsored visa that is not difficult to get by the farmer/employer. i will really be very glad if you can bring me in contact with farmers or an agency in your area. And if possible any of the South Africans there.
    My kids(4 of them) want to move to Australia when finish their studies.
    Thanks you.
    Kerneels Lombard
    sa64 ·
    Hi. I am from South Africa, farming cattle and grain. Worked in USA and Canada before. Do you know of anybody in your area who needs a hand? I am very experienced in grain, sheep and cattle farming. Any agents you know of if you do not know of any jobs?

    Thanks and regards
    Kerneels Lombard, Heilbron, South Africa.
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