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  • chance2 ·
    I have cut my wheat acres back in favor of some soybeans, more so due to the returns on wheat compared to the cost of production. #2-13.5 wheat here is only bringing $4.75 a bushel, so the thought of packing in a whole pile of ground to wheat acres just doesn't seem right. That and I always wanted to try soybeans in the rotation. We have had 8 occurrences of clubroot in a neighbouring municipality, so anything to extend the rotation and stop the wheat / canola / wheat, and the wheat / canola / canola, rotations that everyone and their dog has gone to in this part of the country just seems like a good idea. I'm going with wheat / canola / oats / soybean rotation in hops of getting a better handle in diseases and chemical resistance.

    At any rate, it is late here and there are cattle to move in the AM for a neighbour, so I best be going.

    Take care and happy farming.

    chance2 ·
    Well, it has taken some time for the whole IDEA of a socialist Alberta to sink in,.....I guess a polite "Welcome to the club", is in order. I do feel for the many supporters of both conservative parties, who strive for the more conservative approach to business, as do I. So now the waiting game starts as those of us on the outside looking in, watch to see if the usual NDP tactics start to rear their ugly heads.

    On a much lighter note, How goes the farming. Seeding has started here a full 3 weeks early for a change, though rain and now three nights of forecast frost have put a damper on things. I have my wheat all packed in the ground and will have to wait until mid next week before I can start planting soybeans and canola. I hate planting canola in freezing temperatures, but it has been done before.
    albertabuck ·
    Yep I'm still alive lol, I have a draft email saved, been working on it a few times, get it sent one of these days. Now that this place is like Facebook, figured we should be friends now too:)
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