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  • arie515 ·
    Hi phantom 970,
    We are trying to get the Kirovets 428 hp tractor re-established in USA/Canada.
    Therefore, we are looking for launch customers in several key areas.
    The factory authorized us to offer an E X T R E M E L Y good price/lease deal for those few initial customers.
    The deal would also include power train warranty up to 8,000 hours (!) / 5 years.
    In exchange:
    1) Assuming you are happy with the tractor(s), we will ask for your testimonial and permission to provide your name as a reference to other farmers.
    2) Terms and conditions of your deal must remain confidential.

    If you are in the market for a new Tier 3 (no DEF) tractor and could be interested, please email me to aprilik[at]mtzequipment[dot]com with your contact information.

    PS We are also organizing a trip to the factory in St. Petersburg Russia - if you're interested.
    blair5002 ·
    Besides rb auctions there is also Kramer Auctions Ltd. - North Battleford, Saskatchewan - Canada
    Our family dispersal is on April 3rd we have 2 9770 Jd but I know the auction in Harris sask has a couple newer jd
    Concho valley cutter ·
    There are a lot of places over here that look really bad. We live here in west Texas and we farm and custom harvest all over the state. We are lucky to have irrigation here but the rest of the state is very dry. The gulf coast is really late on milo but we are talking to customers all over and things aren't as bad as they say but not good. We have just started getting some rain and cotton is looking up witch is good because we just bought a gin and elevator. I'm really glad I joined this forum it is awesome to hear how things are done in other parts of the world
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