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  • Mike o ·
    Hi radar
    I have a Vertec dryer ran awesome for last few years
    But this year in canola I’m having fires start in top tier
    Furthest end from fan and can’t figure out why ?
    If it’s any coincidence it’s the same spot that canola always trickles out
    and makes a huge mess on ground
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    I live just south east of Leduc
    Give me a shout if you can
    Mike Ohlmann
    Tumedar ·
    Hi I was wondering if you could send me some pictures on the following post you made:
    "Check on the left hand side of the motor, you might be able to add a second hyd pump to the aux port on the motor ,we added a 15 gal/min pump [200$] there and ran a fan for years with a electric flow control value and a cheap tank.Have pics if you like"

    We recently got an air seeder with double fan. We are hoping that we can outfit our 875 cheaper than going the atom jet route. Any input and pictures would be great.
    Thank you
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