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  • santiago ·
    Greetings Mr Rod, I have seen that you have experience with John Deere rice combine, may I ask you some questions?
    protech diesel ·
    Hi Rod

    Just noticed your post from a while ago regarding =def delete kits.

    Are you still interested?
    Email these guys. [email protected]

    they have a unit that cnh cannot detect on the ecm and it completely shuts the def off. It plugs into your diagnostic port on the combine ort tractor and is easy to install and remove.
    snides007 ·
    G'day rod, while ago u wee talking about the rotor cage covers on the 20/30 series headers. In hot wheat/canola are u putting all the covers on the top of the rotor cage or just the front or back ones? My theory is cover the rear as that's where it's all smashed up the most. I have some front covers but not rear covers so need to get some if u reckon they are the go.
    madsnake ·
    Rod just ran a tap across 2388 to sieve 1470mm wide inside rail to inside rail, 1525 mm outside to out side. Hope this is handy.

    rod ·
    You're talking about the one on this forum in Louisiana or thereabouts?
    If so, don't know. It looks like some sort of monitoring machine - monitoring what? F**k knows.
    Ask Kurt - he'll be able to tell you!
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