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    arie515 ·
    Rodney, did not notice you're from Australia.
    Australian Kirovets dealer :

    Craig Milne
    Australian Productivity Council
    Level 10, 492 St Kilda Road
    Melbourne VIC 3004
    Ph 1300 366 272
    Fax 1300 851 272
    [email protected]
    arie515 ·
    Hi Silverrod,
    We are trying to get the Kirovets 428hp tractor re-established in USA/Canada.
    Therefore, we are looking for launch customers in several key areas.
    The factory authorized us to offer an E X T R E M E L Y good price/lease deal for those few initial customers.
    The deal would also include power train warranty up to 8,000 hours (!) / 5 years.

    In exchange:
    1) Assuming you are happy with the tractor(s), we will ask for your testimonial and permission to provide your name as a reference to other farmers.
    2) Terms and conditions of your deal must remain confidential.

    If you are in the market for a new tractor and could be interested, please email me to aprilik[at]mtzequipment[dot]com with your contact information.

    8850jd ·
    That's a better sex life then over hear, its quite a balancing act to get high enough for the cows...
    It's been the warmest winter we have seen in years, and usually after a winterlike this it follows with a very bad summer... Would be surprised if the united States sees a drought this summer followed by an early frost...
    That would be great, have to take you guys to a baseball game in Milwaukee.. Good last time even if they suck!!
    gleanersuper7 ·
    I want to make sure you're on the mailing list and getting the newsletter. You also have a really nice toy Gleaner and the harvesting guide headed your way so keep a look out.
    small time operator ·
    got a mate who chipped his motor up but computer s went crazy and warnings going off but he got extra ccapacity, he took the chip off
    we had some wheat last year that went 2.3t ha with 40ft flex front the best we could do was 41 t hour average maybe 38

    same guy that chipped his motor had 3 t plus crops wheat and he takes all the straw and hes done to 30 t hour but has neighbours with new class jd and new Holland there all no btter so hes not so peaved
    small time operator ·
    a guy nearby I know has 2 s77 and agco are trialling a new concave and bar set up
    they want it side by side for testing purposes he had wheat barley canola will keep you posted
    young.farmer90 ·
    Hey silverrod,
    the email is [email protected] fire them whenever its convenient. I have emailed dan hurtt before but havent gotten a reply ever, and i know other who have had similar results. is he just busy is all?
    Thanks again,
    EkotuningCom ·
    Hello Silverrod,
    I believe thats a 8.4 Sisu (Tier 4). If so, we cannot tune your Gleaner yet. The process requires the ecu to be removed and tuned via direct connection. These engine controllers cannot be programmed through the diagnostic port so there is no programmer available. If the machine was more local, I might be more comfortable tuning it. Are you finding the machine low on power ? What crops are you combining and what size head?

    madsnake ·
    The way the year is going there is not alote to give you confidance with the way its raining, grain prices, mice and a dear crop to plant.

    madsnake ·
    Scarry when you think $400K is not a bad price for a header and front, then you see 2 year old secound hand for near that so not so scarry.

    madsnake ·
    Rod has you'rr nebour still got a 7088? 8120 should be a **** of a machine for a big crop.

    Is the the pricing for the gleaner list or is that a quote? Looks to be a long way off the other colours, pitty be good to see some new silver machines out there.

    madsnake ·
    Rod, have not got back to the 9200 still sitting with the air seeder on it. On the list of next weeks jobs is to check the axel again and get the tractor and air seeder cleaned up and in the shed.

    Big price diffrence between colors for headers. I think in the red camp a 7088 would be hard to go past unless you need a bigger machine.

    silverrod ·
    Chris The machine looked good. Everyone was more interested in the way Agco are to fix their management and dealer network and support. The rep said he did get the same response everywhere and that Agco have got the message and will be addressing it. We will see. Waiting for a proper price with early order program. Only price was RRP 390k Combine 110K front. NH 9070 with duals 40' front 435k, Case similar. Told them they will have to be competitive. Sent oil samples for JD away yesterday. How did you get on.
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