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  • bfl2008 ·
    Hi Barry, yes it is me :) It was indeed a tough fall, between the challenges of farming and having a new baby it was tiring. Realized this year that I do not have the same energy levels I did even 5 years ago. Now that we are a few months from that gong show things are going well. The year overall ended up much better than we thought it would, other than having to dry all the wheat, half the oats, and half the canola. Just had our fireye module go on the dryer so Monday headed up to Sinclair to grab a new one and then last couple thousand bu of oats will be get wrapped up. Then about 18000 bu of wheat to finish up drying. Glad we kept our dryer and that Grandpa and dad and uncle had the foresight to install one. Its a slower 5500 Vertec but it get's the job done. At least it's all automated with bin sensors etc.
    Next year if you get a chance definitely come for a ride, be good to chat and catch up. You are welcome to come over and see the farm if you are ever interested. Brad
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