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  1. Seedhawk Twin Wing + Anhydrous

    Planting & Tillage
    Looks nice, How heavy is that canola seeded at. You have any wheat/pea pics with the twin row ?
  2. Seedhawk Twin Wing + Anhydrous

    Planting & Tillage
    Zeeman how long does it take to change back and forth from twin wing to single ? What size drill and what spacing ?
  3. Which GPS??

    Planting & Tillage
    Have you had any signal interruption problems or any issues? Has anybody hooked it up to a jd atu?
  4. Which GPS??

    Planting & Tillage
    Anybody use this? FarmerGPS - Welcome!
  5. 965B Transmission failure

    So the best things to do are keep the rpm up over 1800, and don't run it to fast down the road? Are there any other updates to ask dealer about?
  6. Still NO rain

    Crop Production
    Is it possible to put any kind of row cleaners like corn planters have, on to those pillar openers?
  7. HELP!!! I Can't Stand the Buzzing!!!

    John Deere
    Broken wire maybe? Running up to the cab
  8. Trailtech 53 foot double combine trailer

    For Sale/Want to Buy
    It sold, thanks
  9. Sakundiak 12x39....

    Grain Handling Equipment / Transportation
    Do you have any pics of this, we got a 8 inch wheathart that is painful to use, I added double flighting to the intake but maybe this would be better yet?
  10. Trailtech 53 foot double combine trailer

    For Sale/Want to Buy
    Here's the link to the ad, call the listed number Trail tech trailer | heavy equipment | Edmonton | Kijiji
  11. 2009 Trailtech double header trailer

    For Sale/Want to Buy
    Pintle hitch 3 7000 lb axles 16 ply tires Currently used for 35 foot Macdon fd 70 headers but would probably haul 40s Located in Alberta 780 603 7640
  12. Chaff and straw build up on top of Rotor on 9760

    John Deere
    You probably have a small hole on top of rotor tube would be my guess, that's what my 9760 did anyway.
  13. custom rates

    Crop Production
    Custom Rates Survey Summary 2013
  14. Versatile HHT manual trans

    How many people have had problems with these trannys, in the 435 485 535 or newer tractors? Just have heard/read of a few, are they really that bad or do you just hear of the few bad, and nothing about the hundreds of good?
  15. Finally... A real skid shoe!

    Can you take a few pics, mine are completly gone, thought about just welding a new wear plate on the original one,
  16. 6 inch pressure welding test

    Fabrication and DIY Repair
    I used a finishing flapper wheel to grind my coupons up before bending, just incase there was a little spec of fly **** near the surface that might open up when bending . Makes a lot finer finish then a normal grinding disk.
  17. Should I buy a JD 9760?

    John Deere
    06 and newer are 9.0l
  18. 6 inch pressure welding test

    Fabrication and DIY Repair
    Do your test hungover, works everytime.
  19. Steinbauer chip on a 9870

    John Deere
    Just wondering if anybody has installed a steinbauer or any other chip on a 9870, I dont need any more power just want it to ease up on the fuel use. Any thoughts?
  20. Ritchie Bros Auction in Saskatoon on Dec 4th

    John Deere
    Why do those big drills actually sell so cheap, are they tough to level or something ??
1-20 of 96 Results