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  1. 1910 cart conveyor

    Planting & Tillage
    We got ours from Erik's in Regina for a lot less than $4300.
  2. Farm shops

    Announcements, Help, & Ideas
    Our shop is 60 x 120 x 20. Two 24' overhead doors with sliding centre post. We put in floor heat in and i would recommend it. I would definitely go 20' walls so you can have an 18' door.
  3. Stainless metering boxes

    Planting & Tillage
    We have the meters and other attaching parts from Luma Manufacturing in Ontario. I have been very impressed with them.
  4. Replacing or enlarging grain bin lids.

    Grain Handling Equipment / Transportation
    We did 3 Rockyford lids ourselves on some 19-8 Westeel bins a couple years ago. It wasn't too bad of a job. They told us it can all be done from the top of the bin but we set up scaffolding in the bin to make it easier. We were installing Gatco air tubes at the same time so we wanted the...
  5. Straw chopper for CaseIH 2388

    Case IH
    Not sure if you could find this kit there but it is another option.
  6. Afternarket JD section control

    Planting & Tillage
    I believe there was just one connection to the cart and had to mount one controller on the cart as well. It was a few months ago when i talked to them so my memory is a bit fuzzy. :D
  7. 1910 stainless meter do they make a difference

    Grain Carts
    There's a poor pic of the bare conveyor on their website. Stainless Steel Meter Housings & parts for 1910 and 1900 John Deere Air Carts / Seeders IAS sectional is around $27k to do three tanks.
  8. 1910 stainless meter do they make a difference

    Grain Carts
    Someone told me $9k for the conveyor. Is that right?
  9. 1910 stainless meter do they make a difference

    Grain Carts
    Like wet farmer said the meter cut-offs actually work. Will never have issues with rollers going in hard or not going in due to aluminum swelling up due to corrosion. We replaced one meter and all attaching pieces last year and just finished doing the other two tanks. I liked the Luma Mfg parts...
  10. Farm shop radio

    Farm Shops and Tools
    We used Polk Audio outdoor speakers, one in each corner of our 60x120 shop and they work great. They were about $100 a pair. We went with them so that moisture will never affect them if it gets damp in the shop.
  11. JD 1910 Stainless Parts

    Planting & Tillage
    Finished changing all our meters to stainless and thought i'd post a pic since all my original pics are not showing up thanks to Photobucket. Just hope i do it right.
  12. Blue LED Boom light

    Sprayers / Chemicals / Fertilizer
    I've been running white Nordic LED lights on our 4930 and i really like them.
  13. Skidsteers

    We have an L225 NH and really like it. I find the visibility to be better than our L175 NH we had before. It works great for handling totes of chem and oil. We use it for a bit of dirt work around the yards and we have a 15' Degelman speedblade for moving snow and it has good power for that.
  14. John Deere double shoot manifold disassembly

    Planting & Tillage
    We used an air hammer on most of ours. We had a couple that wouldn't come out and had to cut the head off and replace the plastic pieces. Ours is a single shoot machine so the bolts are half the length.
  15. Air Drill hose

    Planting & Tillage
    I've found the Stealth boots need to be cleaned up so the hose will go in better. I use a small wire wheel in a cordless drill and clean them out good before putting hoses in.
  16. Mufflers????

    General Farming Board
    A&I may have something.
  17. Is a Conveyor the answer?

    Grain Handling Equipment / Transportation
    We have 2 Elias conveyors (they make the Meridians) and have been very happy with them. We have a 90' and a 45'. We can load a Super B of soybeans in 15-20 mins with our 45'. I like the adjustable spout that the 45' comes with too.
  18. painting jd rt rims

    These? Track Wheel Cleaners | Ag Storm As for painting the wheels we did ours a couple years ago with a brush in the rim where dirt will ride and it still looks good. Just had to make sure paint and wheels were warm so the brush strokes didn't show. Then we painted the rest of the rim with a...
  19. JD 1910 Stainless Parts

    Planting & Tillage
    I don't have a hardware list but i just took whatever bolts i wanted to change over to SS and went to Bolt Supply and got what i needed. Sorry i can't help you out more than that.
  20. Macdon Swather

    We have the Vern's roller on our 4950 with 972 header and we can shift the decks. Just have to turn the roller flow control to zero or bypass it.
1-20 of 460 Results