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  1. Wider windrow pickup for JD chopper

    Forage Harvesting
    Does anyone make a windrow pickup that’s 22-25 feet wide? We cut with a 16 foot discbine, and would like to be able to grab 2 windrows without merging.
  2. Biggest round baler

    I saw a picture, I’m not really sure what the advantage would be.
  3. Hydraulic questions about 4800 Massey

    Was also going to say, for application where I needed a return, I took the fill tube off of the reservoir, drilled a hole in it and welded a fitting in. Then ran a hose to the back of the tractor, that way you have an unrestricted return line .
  4. Hydraulic questions about 4800 Massey

    If I remember correctly, you are supposed to run hudraulic motors off of number 4
  5. 7720 Exhaust Stack Question

    John Deere
    Not familiar with that model but assume it's an aspirator to pull dirt out of precleaner. If that's the case you can plug it but air filter may get dirty faster than normal
  6. Jcb Fastrak 3220

    Anyone have experience with these? What the good and the bad? What should a guy look out for. Was thinking the speed would be nice for hauling silage and pulling a baler.
  7. Hydraulic oil tank on Massey 4840

    Yup. Clean it up and weld it
  8. Tow straps and grease guns

    Farm Shops and Tools
    Have an 18 v dewalt and I'm happy with it. Batteries match all our other cordless tools which is nice. Really have no idea how many tubes of grease I can pump per battery, it's not a big deal to pop a battery in when you are switching grease tubes anyway. Have a couple 6 inch straps, did manage...
  9. john deere688 forage head

    Forage Harvesting
    Are the feed drums in good condition, or are they wearing down. We replaced both towers (drums) on ours, it seemed to help.
  10. nurse crop in alfalfa

    We put down half rate of treflon and 18 pounds of alfalfa. Have not had much weed pressure doing it this way
  11. nurse crop in alfalfa

    I would straight seed it, we used to seed oats as a cover crop, which we would chop for feed. The last several years we have been straight seeding with really good success.
  12. Bale processor-which one do you like?

    Livestock Production
    We have calf barn and some yards we can bed by just blowing over ther bunks. It works really nice when it works like it's supposed to. The problem we have is getting the bale to roll. A lot of the bales we use have come through chopping corn heads , and the bales just fall apart once the net is off.
  13. Bale processor-which one do you like?

    Livestock Production
    What's the best bale processor out there with a blower on it? We currently have a 2564 hay buster and I'm not in love with it. Anyone got one they like?
  14. Hydraulic Pump Swap CIH 1200 to a CIH 955

    Planting & Tillage
    It should not be difficult to build a pto driven hydraulic system to run it all
  15. Touchscreen - cold temps

    Auto steer comes in handy when hauling **** during a blizzard. mine stays in the cab year around. No problems yet....
  16. MF 750 Header Optionms

    Massey Ferguson
    Other than the first pass around the field, couldn't you just overlap a bit so you are not cutting with all of the 24 foot head? Thus smaller rows for the baler?
  17. exhaust stuck

    Fabrication and DIY Repair
    Try heating it up with torch ?
  18. Whats the best shop air line ?

    Fabrication and DIY Repair
    I somehow ended up with a bunch of used half and three quarter hydraulic hose, so that's what I plumbed my shop air with, some had odd fittings on the ends so just welded pipe fittings to them. Cost near nothing and no problems in years
  19. 9520T vs STX 450

    If you love your red one, why go green?
  20. At what age should your children operate farm equipment?

    Other / Off Topic
    I let my 9 year old daughter drive the bobcat around the yard for me but she's not actually running the bucket yet. Be a year of 2 before she's operating unsupervised. Pretty sure at the age of 8 I was hauling manure and running square baler by the age of 8. All depends on the kid though.
1-20 of 158 Results