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General Information

446, 446, 646BH
Desert Sunset, Power Red, Power Tan
Multiple attachments for 446's and the 646 is the TLB.
Found the rare case 646BH in February and bought the two 446 garden tractors shortly after due to the fact that they share parts and these units are getting old and it is harder and harder to find parts for them.

The 646BH is a '75 or '76 and was built by case construction, the drive system was borrowed from the 446 garden tractor line with a few tweaks. It is the smallest production backhoe and is very powerful for it's size. The backhoe is the D-100 which was used on Davis then case trenchers and on the Case skidsteers. The pump was shot and the machine needs a few more issues addressed then it will be 100% at less than a quarter of the cost of a 1023 TLB deere, but the hoe is comparable to a 360!!!

The 446's were purchased for landscaping and for parts if the 646 needs them. Both are running good for how old they are and defiantly for what they cost compared to a newer machine.

The '74 has the hydraulic PTO valve, cat 0 3 pt, mower, snow thrower and tiller (came with a 8 hp MTD rear mount tiller and with a "bucket of rocks" front weight system. The carb float was upgraded to brass on the '74 and it has blow by.

The '78 has the Hydraulic PTO valve, rear sleeve hitch, mower, snow thrower, tiller, front blade and rear blade. The hydraulic system was about 25% water on the 78, drained flushed and filled with Shell 15W40. The attachments need attention but I only need the blades and MTD tiller at the moment.

I also recently picked up a spare D-100 hoe attachment from a Davis T-78 trencher which came with the 8" trenching bucket to go with the wider digging bucket. Just need to make a clean-up bucket and I'm set.

If you want any other info please ask.
1976 Case 446, 446, 646BH (Desert Sunset, Power Red, Power Tan)


646BH - Stock Onan CCKA
74-446 - Stock Onan BF/MS with brass float. Electric primer pump was installed before I figured out that the original float was jamming and causing the low fuel issue, I will remove.
78-446 - Stock Onan P216.
646BH -> Newer seat
646BH -> Upped the pump flow to just under 13 gpm at 3600 RPM (rated). Added a flow controller to allow for speed adjustment of the backhoe and travel -> exhaust from controller goes to loader as the original power beyond TCV needs relief work. PO blasted and painted and installed a hydraulic lift on the seat to switch between tractor and hoe.

446 - Both are stock
Wheel and Tire
All original tire sizes.



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