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  1. Case IH
    Hey all, Any recommendations on aftermarket concaves and feeder chains, going in a 2388 IHC Too many to choose from. Will be combining flax and red clover this year but usually oats and flax. Been researching Estes XPR2 Concaves Does anyone have any experience with any of these? TIA!
  2. Case IH
    Gday guys looking for some good old knowledge on a 2388 , 3 days ago my father was harvesting along and the separator seemed to drop in and out of gear not mechanical it seems to be electrical because when this started I put my multimeter on and it will cut in and out of power from 0v to 12.5v...
  3. Case IH
    Just wondering how guys run there 2388s straight cutting canola, rotor,fan,chaffer,siv etc. thanks
  4. Case IH
    2388 & 30' 1020. FT works great when lowered but leaves one end on the ground when raise at the end. I think the whisker switch on the feeder house should turn the FT off and level when raised. I cut last year's beans by manually turning FT off before raising and back on when lowered...
1-4 of 4 Results