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  1. Case IH
    My 7088 combine was having intermittent alarms 188.4 Throttle position. This prevents the engine from running correctly. Being intermittent it was very frustrating to find. Eventually I found the problem was a mostly broken yellow wire from the throttle potentiometer to the Engine ECM. Used an...
  2. Case IH
    It’s a 2012 case 3020 terraflex 30’ head with a CWS that would be going on a 2009 5088. Thanks,
  3. Case IH
    Hooked my 2162 draper head up to the 5088 combine yesterday evening and for some reason the header is tilting forward when adjusting the reel forward. It is also tilying back when adjusting reel to the rear. Thought maybe a valve was stuck so did it several times as well as using the rear...
1-3 of 3 Results