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  1. Planting & Tillage
    I’ve Got a bourgault 5710 with the mrb series 1. It seems a lot of the shafts are starting to bend and the discs are getting pretty straight with the tractor. Has anyone else had a similar problem?? I try to avoid turning sharp with the seeder in the ground but we have a lot of coulees and...
  2. Planting & Tillage
    On a bourgault 5810 the back shanks, starting on the left tractor tranks and working left.. 1 shank on main frame and 2 on the wing are deeper than others.. I've tried adjusting depth on wheels and packers and can't get only those ones to raise.. also did hydraulic ram seeping test and they all...
  3. Planting & Tillage
    Ok this has me completely baffled and is driving me nuts. 5350 air cart with 591 monitor was seeding just fine the other day, all of a sudden the shaft rates (lbs/ac) and the acre counter started cutting in and out, and eventually stayed off. Everything else works, shaft RPM, MPH, etc. I have...
1-3 of 3 Results