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  1. Case IH
    Case Patriot 4440 with aim command pro. I can't get the screen to fire up. Console switch seems to have power in and out when switched on. Is the console switch like a relay? Is it possible a fuse is blown? I'm not really familiar with all the fuse locations.
  2. Sprayers / Chemicals / Fertilizer
    Case 4420, Raven Viper 4, Phoenix 200 GPS Antanna, Aim Command. My pump pressures started going crazy yesterday. I could adjust the pressure to (50psi) then on a headland sometimes they would jump to 125ish. I could switch the Aim off and and back on (pump) and it would reset and I could then...
  3. Case IH
    New to me Case IH 4440, aim command pro,Viper 4. When crossing an angled line if the left side crosses first everything works fine. If the right side crosses first the right 3 sections turn on as sections and the rest of the boom works fine but those first three sections are late. When spraying...
  4. Sprayers / Chemicals / Fertilizer
    Hi. So I bought a case ih 4440 with aim pro and teejet style nozzle bodies. Previously I was running a 4430 with aim and wilger nozzle bodies. Its looking like I'll need a new set of 5 and 10 gallon nozzles. I liked the combo jets I had on the old sprayer and I feel a little lost buying...
  5. New Holland
    Anyone running a case patriot or new holland sprayer with aim command or intellispray? Im looking at buying a NH unit with this option. We spray a lot of powder fungicide at a high rate (1kg/ac) but also use a high rate of water, 25-30 g/ac. I have been told some people have experienced...
1-5 of 5 Results