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  1. Planting & Tillage
    The variable speed drive on my 5000 series bourgault air cart (5345 Australian line) is causing me issues. Recently the variable speed drive on the front bin stopped operating. After pulling apart the drive assembly I replaced the four transmission sprag clutches that are on the output shaft...
  2. Planting & Tillage
    I’ve been trying for days to get my 5440 going. It wouldn’t read the speed or shaft 3 sensor. And said “incorrect type connected” I have a service tech out now. He replaced the sensors. Now sensors that had been reading such as fan 1 and fan 2 are not being detected. I’m completely stumped and...
  3. John Deere
    Hi all, Currently looking into upgrading our 2008 1910 JD cart so we can use seedstar 2 on our 2630 display. This is going to involve upgrading the grey control unit on the cart to a new one along with a few other bits and pieces. Our local JD dealer has quoted for a new harness to be put...
1-3 of 3 Results