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  1. Crop Production
    So with canola in the tank and no saying what its gonna do next year you all think its worth seeing if our dealer would take some of our bags back as they are super helpful and nice people and might do this. It would be 120 acres worth of seed and then maybe looking at doing something like...
  2. For Sale/Want to Buy
    Wanting damaged green/heated/ canola offering Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba pick ups paying top dollar payed on pick up if you have any above please email me [email protected] and we look forward to dealing with you.
    $15 CAD
  3. John Deere
    Has anyone successfully direct headed canola with a John Deere 936 D header front. Can't seem to get it right. Cheers.
  4. Crop Production
    So this is really our first year growing RR or Trueflex canola and ive touched on this in the past a bit. Was wondering what companies has some of best seed. For example was looking at brett young, dekalb, pioneer and maybe even canterra. But dekalb seems to be constantly at the bottom. So we...
  5. Crop Production
    So we are looking at growing a putting in some RR canola next year and were wondering what some good varieties are that might fit our needs. We have done RR canola in like 10 years and only do it when we do back to back canola. So we are irrigated land and fertilize everything as needed. We grew...
  6. Crop Production
    We are looking at growing dekalb dktf 96 sc next year as our crop advisor recommended that one specially. I looked it up and it’s round up trueflex with shatter resistance. I have only heard bad things from neighbors and relatives that have grown round up trueflex shatter resistant canola...
  7. Crop Production
    So we have been trying to swath our one pivot of canola and its just been awful. So the crop is partically lodged laying east from west winds typically. there will be a 20ft stretch of lodged stuff then then 30 of none lodged and so on for the entirety of the pivot towers pretty much. So when we...
  8. Headers
    Was wondering if any of you all have any experience with a roto shear or sabre multi cutter. we would be using it on canola and was wondering what you all like better? We do have one sabre but have seen a lot more roto shears in our area
  9. Crop Production
    New to canola growing and looking for inputs. I have a bourgault 8810 air seeder with 7 inch shovels and 7 inch spacing. How deep should i seed it? or should i just blow through shoots on top of ground and then harrow? Any input appreciated.Thanks
  10. Crop Production
    Hi just wondering if anyone’s grownthis variety how it yielded if there’s any issues with the try flex part that seem to hear with female green seed and late maturity and how durable the pod shatter gene is we grow cm39 and wondering how this would compare
  11. Planting & Tillage
    I’m looking at purchasing a 6000 series white planter 15” spacing. Does anyone know if these will plant canola? I purchased a seed disc and it looks like it will work will I need no till coulters to plant canola? I only need to go 1/2” deep. has anyone towed a air tank behind and used...
  12. Case IH
    Just wondering how guys run there 2388s straight cutting canola, rotor,fan,chaffer,siv etc. thanks
  13. Planting & Tillage
    Grower based in NE Saskatchewan. Looking for someone with experience with a JD 1870 and Canola. We bought a 2012 56' JD 1870 last winter with a 1910 air cart. This spring was the first season we have used it. We are set-up up with single row seed openers. Our wheat crop had really good...
1-13 of 13 Results