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  1. Planting & Tillage
    Hi all, I'm having trouble with the bin clutches on a new to use ADX2230. I have constant power to the plug of each of the actuators for the sprag clutches whether the switches are turned on or off on the switch control box. There is no issue with the master clutch and the control box...
  2. Sprayers / Chemicals / Fertilizer
    Hi, I'm installing a electronic sight gauge on my Case Ih 4440 sprayer. I think Accuvolume or the Visio System have a similar type of sensor. Just looking for some pictures or explanations of how other guys have installed the pressure sensor into the tank. Weld in or some type of bulkhead? Thanks!
  3. Sprayers / Chemicals / Fertilizer
    Hi. So I bought a case ih 4440 with aim pro and teejet style nozzle bodies. Previously I was running a 4430 with aim and wilger nozzle bodies. Its looking like I'll need a new set of 5 and 10 gallon nozzles. I liked the combo jets I had on the old sprayer and I feel a little lost buying...
  4. Case IH
    Hi guys. I'm looking for other guys' experiences with adding LED lights to equipment. Which lights have you found to be reliable? Also has anyone found an LED light with great flood?
  5. Case IH
    Hi all, I'm about to harvest my first crop of Dolichos beans without our new to us 7088. Have harvested them before with our old 2188 and was curious to know if there's much difference in settings? Not sure if many people have experienced Dolichos before but they are very ropey and damp, high...
  6. Case IH
    Looking for some tips/advice on how to setup our 8240 combine for some droughty corn. Guessing yields will be in the 40s. Advice on concaves and rotor setup?
  7. Case IH
    While swathing the header will shut off randomly at times. Quiclky using the toggle switch to turn from the on position to off position to on again and the header will resume operation, sometimes it will happen again right after using the toggle switch. If you aren't paying attention you will be...
  8. Tractors
    We have a 2001 Stx440 and all 4 hydraulic remotes have problems with sinking. Replaced a load check valve on one of them and it didn't fix the problem although I can't be sure it didn't help. Has anyone had problems like this?
  9. Farm Shops and Tools
    Greetings, As everyone starts to plant the seed for this year's harvest, let's think about the combines that will be reaping this year's harvest. We make and offer a new product that has changed the way that combine feeder houses are removed and repaired. Introducing the Bubba Stand. With the...
  10. Case IH
    Is anyone out there steering there new AFS Connect steiger tractors with a Trimble 2050 talking to there can system. We just having dramas with our local caseih dealer not know full details how to unlock/set up/talk to a Trimble 2050. What do we need
  11. Tractors
    We recently bought a Magnum 315, our first purchase into this newer series of tractors for us. We intend to use this tractor with our 1250 corn planter. My concern is that CNH is ok with their hydraulic oil temperature to be held around 220°F!!! Is this not insane? Our local hydraulic shop...
  12. Sprayers / Chemicals / Fertilizer
    Hi, our spx 3200 sprayers auto boom straighten doesnt work. ive replaced one sensor, checked the switch by the forward reverse lever.Any help appreciated! Im ready to run all new wiring for it but where can i find such ? The wiring now is all tied into another wiring harness so quite difficult...
  13. Tractors
    We've been having a problem with the pto not working on our mx 170. For a while now it's occasionally not turned on but shutting the tractor off and restarting it seemed to remedy that. Now that's not solving the problem any more. When I put the lever on it will show green for a little bit like...
  14. Case IH
    We have a 30 foot 972 header on our 2188. We were having problems with it not floating well in peas. Decided to adjust the float springs on the adapter higher so it would contour better on the ground. Got 3 adjusted and what a difference! But now I can't get the third spring bolt to turn. It...
  15. Case IH
    Just wondering how guys run there 2388s straight cutting canola, rotor,fan,chaffer,siv etc. thanks
  16. Sprayers / Chemicals / Fertilizer
    I'm having trouble with one of my height sensors not working on my Case Ih 4430. It will show a height but it appears to be off and it won't engage. I can get the other side to work and I've concluded it's not the sensor as I've swapped the sensors around and they work on the other side...
1-16 of 16 Results