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  1. Macdon D60 canvas stopping

    We have an older D 60 macdon header. 1st we noticed the 2 side canvasses were running slow. Tried to turn the speed knob but it made no difference. We noticed we were a little low on oil so we added oil. Tried it again and it was still slow and as we tried adjusting the speed they stopped as...
  2. 2002 cat lexion 460

    Claas / Lexion
    Our farm is considering getting a second combine as we have picked up another 1000 acres. We currently run a case 9120 combine but feel with the last few years a second combine would help get the crop in the bins. We started farming 7 years ago and only really know case 9 series and 8 series...
  3. Case IH 1660 Outback Autosteer

    Case IH
    Hi, I have a 1660 I am looking to put autosteer in. I have an Outback S3 monitor and E-Drive in the seeding tractor that we would use. We could just use the VSI Steering wheel but I would prefer to plumb in a hydraulic block. Outback does not make a kit specifically for the 1660 but make a kit...
  4. Case 1200 series closing wheels

    Planting & Tillage
    I'm currently running a Case 1240 15/30 split row planter. When planting beans, occasionally I have problems with the reverse concave closing discs flipping soil right out of the seed trench on my row units that follow directly behind the planter and tractor tracks. I've spent a lot of time...
  5. John Deere r4045 vs caseih patriot 4440/4440

    Sprayers / Chemicals / Fertilizer
    I’m trading off my case 4420 patriot sprayer for a newer low hour machine. I like my 4420 but have had a few small problems. Nothing major. Just wanting to know if anyone has ran both the case 4430/4440 and the Jd r4045? And what were the pros and cons. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.