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  1. Sprayers / Chemicals / Fertilizer
    I’m looking at possibly buying a 2010 Rogator 894H. 2200 hrs, has the CAT C7 engine. What’s the good, bad and ugly about these machines? I noticed only a couple welded spots on it, looks good otherwise. It’s sitting on leaf springs instead of airbags. How is the C-channel frame for twisting...
  2. New Holland
    We are looking at getting another tractor to pull our spreader. It's a pull type 12 ton needs 22.5GPM hydraulic power to spin the spinners. I want something with PTO So i can pull our 750BU grain cart in the fall. I have a limited budget and found these three units they range in price but I...
  3. For Sale/Want to Buy
    I’m looking for an old G30 rigid head that I can put sunflower pans on. Any tips on where one might be hiding would be appreciated!
1-3 of 3 Results