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  1. For Sale/Want to Buy
    I’m looking for an old G30 rigid head that I can put sunflower pans on. Any tips on where one might be hiding would be appreciated!
  2. Claas / Lexion
    I'm looking at getting walker risers for my 570W to help a little with losses and capacity, just wondering if anyone has experience with these and which ones to get. We primarily do small grains like canola, wheat, oats and barley but occasionally have done beans and some peas. Thanks
  3. For Sale/Want to Buy
    I have 2X 2018 Lexion to John Deere adapter plates and Horizon Control units for sale. Unlocks are for John Deere FD draper heads and corn heads. One is a wide body plate and one is a narrow body plate off of a 700 series machines. Asking $20000 CND. Will ship any where in North America no...
  4. Claas / Lexion
    Check out our YouTube channel! We have a video on there of the new Claas combine. We got to demo it a few weeks ago. Didn't have a great demo but check out the video and leave a comment to let us know what you think! Don't forget to Subscribe if you like the videos...
  5. Forage Harvesting
    Hello everyone, we are thinking of buying a 2007 Claas Jaguar 900 Green Eye Type 493 with a damaged Mercedes OM 502 LA engine. 3500 drum hours, 4000 engine hours. The current owner is the second owner and a contractor, seller says the machine has only harvested maize for him. They suspect a...
1-5 of 5 Results