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  1. Gleaner
    Does anyone have a connection to the factory? Rumours? The S98 was a welcomed improvement, but it’s still not where they need to be in terms of directly competing with other manufactures largest machines. Do they care? Will Agco ever wake up and realize the transverse design is the best thing...
  2. Gleaner
    Has anybody done any modifications too a r62 too help increase torque when using feed reverser in canola
  3. Headers
    Wondering if an AGCO 400 series header will fit our massey 8780xp (black throat). I know this head will fit Gleaner combines n5 through to R72 (with a 300 series feeder house). If needed I will get the measurements but I was just wondering if anybody on here has ran that configuration. TIA
  4. Gleaner
    I've always wondered what kind of capacity Gleaners have in heavy irrigated wheat and corn? I guess I'm more specifically asking about the S98. I'm concerned you would be limited by rotor loss in heavy wheat caused by the heavy straw since there's not a lot of time for separation in the rotor...
  5. Gleaner
    I have a Series 3 head that I am running on a F2 combine. I wired a reverse polarity switch and am feeding 12 volts to the reel motor but not seeing a reel speed change. Looking at a R60 wiring schematic I think the motor should be powered by 12 volts? Is this right or does it need a resistor...
  6. For Sale/Want to Buy
    Hey guys, Looking for any new or fair condition mod parts out there for my R72’s Thanks in advance,
1-6 of 6 Results