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  1. Custom Cutter Connection
    Neumiller Harvesting is a family-owned operation looking for small grains to combine in North Dakota, Montana, and/or Canada for the 2023 season. We operate 11 New Case IH Combines and all the support equipment needed. Contact: Cole @ 701-307-0707 Mychal @ 701-341-7257 Logan @ 701-307-0560...
  2. Versatile
    Hi All We are looking into purchasing a combine. We usually use a contractor, but for timeliness and management reasons we are thinking of buying our own. We mostly do cereal crops, in contoured fields. Rocks are common and the crops are usually high yielding. Up to 1200acres per year. Would...
  3. Headers
    I was wondering if Macdon D135XL can harvest canola? I asked and did a search but I wasn't able to find a reliable answer. attached are the pictures of the header. any help is appreciated. Thank you
  4. Forage Harvesting
    I have a 2010 7750 and the corn header is not wanting to engage after the metal detector is off and it will not come up either. Any suggestions on what might be going on?
1-4 of 4 Results