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  1. Headers
    Hi all, I'm in the market for an aftermarket header height control system. Is Headsight the only option out there? Are there any alternatives to the Headsight system? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Case IH
    It’s a 2012 case 3020 terraflex 30’ head with a CWS that would be going on a 2009 5088. Thanks,
  3. Headers
    Was wondering if any of you all have any experience with a roto shear or sabre multi cutter. we would be using it on canola and was wondering what you all like better? We do have one sabre but have seen a lot more roto shears in our area
  4. Versatile
    Hi All We are looking into purchasing a combine. We usually use a contractor, but for timeliness and management reasons we are thinking of buying our own. We mostly do cereal crops, in contoured fields. Rocks are common and the crops are usually high yielding. Up to 1200acres per year. Would...
  5. Massey Ferguson
    Anybody have any or know where to get the flex wing extensions for the 8200 flex head?
  6. Headers
    I was wondering if Macdon D135XL can harvest canola? I asked and did a search but I wasn't able to find a reliable answer. attached are the pictures of the header. any help is appreciated. Thank you
  7. Headers
    Has anyone ever fixed the hydraulic block that controls the pea auger on these headers. The pea auger stays at one constant speed, the control valve on the block does nothing for it. I’m 99% sure the hydraulic block is my issue but JD wants $1100 for it. Would it be a simple fix to take it...
  8. Headers
    Wondering if an AGCO 400 series header will fit our massey 8780xp (black throat). I know this head will fit Gleaner combines n5 through to R72 (with a 300 series feeder house). If needed I will get the measurements but I was just wondering if anybody on here has ran that configuration. TIA
  9. John Deere
    Have a 2012 s690 combine and we just got a new to us 2012 FD40 header. I hooked it up today and the joystick controls are backwards and not really working. Can go up and down and only tilt to the left. No fore and aft on the reel and the reel only goes up and down sometimes. The reel up and...
  10. Employment
    Hello everyone, I am looking for a position as a combine harvester operator (preferably a draper or auger header machine) from October 2021 until January 2022. Born in the mid 90's I was raised in a small village 40 kilometers away from Munich, Germany. Surround by dairy and arable cropping...
  11. Headers
    I am looking for anyone who has used this corn head or should I look at a different brand. I am currently using John Deere 12 row and looking to change. I have massive gear box problems with the John Deere. I cut about 5000 acres of high moisture corn per year and need something better than...
  12. Massey Ferguson
    Just bought a 1997 8780 that was retrofitted with a plate off of a black throat to accept newer heads. My dilemma is that I need a 8 row wide corn head to go on this thing. My current options are a 1999 gleaner hugger head or an 894 Deere head. After talking to some people at different...
1-12 of 12 Results