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  1. Crop Production
    So we have been trying to swath our one pivot of canola and its just been awful. So the crop is partically lodged laying east from west winds typically. there will be a 20ft stretch of lodged stuff then then 30 of none lodged and so on for the entirety of the pivot towers pretty much. So when we...
  2. John Deere
    Does anybody know what this plate is for, it can be knocked out real easily and then looks like a bearing can be fitted.?
  3. Case IH
    Gday guys looking for some good old knowledge on a 2388 , 3 days ago my father was harvesting along and the separator seemed to drop in and out of gear not mechanical it seems to be electrical because when this started I put my multimeter on and it will cut in and out of power from 0v to 12.5v...
  4. Farm Shops and Tools
    Hi I am thinking about getting tools which one should i get kincrome or sp-tools. tell me which one. thanks
  5. Announcements, Help, & Ideas
    Hello all! I own a 1952 Dodge 2 ton grain truck. It has a 5 speed manual transmission with a high/low rear end. I'm having great troubles trying to identify my transmission. I'd like to know for documentation purposes and so I can find further literature on the transmission. This is the only...
1-5 of 5 Results