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  1. Gleaner
    Hi all! I'm helping a neighbor with his gleaner f3. Combine runs good. Started it up one day, and all the combine wants to do is crawl at a snails pace. Throttle doesn't matter, it just moves slow as could be. What should we be looking for? Thanks!
  2. Versatile
    I have a red 1986 Versatile 976 (855 cummins) that's new to me. The hydraulic fluid keeps foaming up on me and I'm having trouble figuring it out. i thought there was water in the reservoir so i changed out the reservoir fluid and and hydro filter. Has anyone had this problem before that could...
  3. Case IH
    I’m looking at purchasing an 8240 and I’m thinking it doesn’t have the heavy duty hydro on it and I’m looking to put rear wheel assist on the machine, so I have 2 questions,1) will I be ok putting rear wheel assist on the machine with the smaller hydro, and 2) I priced out a rear wheel system at...
1-3 of 3 Results