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  1. Planting & Tillage
    I’ve got a 9520 jd hooked to a seedmaster 5012 with a bourgault 5350 cart. So I need 2 return lines and wondering if the only way is 2 case drains or can a guy use the power beyond coupler at all?
  2. Fabrication and DIY Repair
    What is the best premix antifreeze out there that is compatible with all engines. We mostly have older john deere that we put in cheap ufa/coop green. but some newer ones that take cool guard. Also have cat engine semi that's running Detroit red premix. Would like to start changing it all to one...
  3. For Sale/Want to Buy
    Looking for john deere 65 combine or john deere 42 combine. Prefer square back model 42 combine with direct cut header. 65 combine with motor or PTO Direct cut head if I can find one for sale. Willing to pay good money for john deere 65
  4. John Deere
    G'day fellas, anyone know how to alter draper speed on 9660 STS combine. Tension is all the way up, nylon sleeves are spotless. Just can't get enough flow happening. Don't have a switch on control panel. Is there a valve somewhere I haven't found. Thanks in advance
  5. John Deere
    i have a 2006 635f auger header and i cant calibrate because the left height sensor says the voltage range is to high. has anyone encountered this problem. i replaced the sensor and the little linkage. moved it up and down the skid moves freely up and down. new to me running a 635, i cam from a...
  6. John Deere
    So we have a john deere 9501 pull type combine and are probably gonna part ways with this year. Anyone have any idea what these things sell for? Ours is in pretty good shape and if you have an estimated price please make sure to state your currency too
  7. John Deere
    Is anyone else having this problem? We have a John Deere 745FD header, the outside plastic bushings keeping the reelpipe on keeps breaking and tearing the whole reel apart, we've tried putting older style bushings (that has the metal band around it for extra strength) on to see if it would last...
  8. Gleaner
    Does anyone have a connection to the factory? Rumours? The S98 was a welcomed improvement, but it’s still not where they need to be in terms of directly competing with other manufactures largest machines. Do they care? Will Agco ever wake up and realize the transverse design is the best thing...
  9. John Deere
    Have a 1991 John Deere 9500. We got it out a month ago and all was fine. In the process of mounting a new auger light, the key got left on and drained the batteries. Afterwards, we had no power at the corner post or the warning lights up top in cab. We went to checking fuses and noticed the fuse...
  10. John Deere
    Just wondering what how much more capacity either the claas 670 and 580r or 590r have over the John Deere 9500. Also do the 590r have the less or the cane capacity as the newer 780
  11. Fabrication and DIY Repair
    I have a 2006 6.8 L powertech JD engine that i need to rebuild, any recommendations regarding after market rebuild kits, or ones to stay away from. TIA
  12. Claas / Lexion
    So we have tossing around the idea of getting a combine with a bit better capacity then our 9500 and 9501 since weve been having such huge crops we'd probably only be doing 1.3 the whole field in 1 machine and maybe even slower with the PT 9501. This year we have like 250 acres of canola and...
  13. John Deere
    Boa noite, Estou tentando reutilizar um kit de piloto com antena ITC, gostaria de saber se comprando o ITCEXTEND PARA STARFIRE ITC e fazendo a atualização disponível eu ainda teria que fazer mais alguma coisa ou não para liberar o sinal SF1 e RTK da antiga ITC? Qualquer coisa podem tá me...
  14. Tractors
    Have a 2013 7200R IVT that has a noticeable hydraulic whine . Looking in the LH side of the tractor it appears that one or two of the steel pipes off the outlets off the scavenge and lube pumps are vibrating. Was thinking of resealing suction lines to see if this rectify the issue. Any one had...
  15. Planting & Tillage
    G’day I’m looking for any feedback or experiences on paired row openers for our 1870. In particular Atom jet and Dutch openers. Judging by pictures they look like a more slim build compared to OEM. Would this mean they cut through the soil much cleaner with less disturbance and result in a...
  16. John Deere
    Just wondering if anyones pulling a 84 foot Bourgault on 12 inch spacing with a 1300 bushel tank with a 9560rt and if so what does it pull like?
  17. Case IH
    Hi guys. I'm looking for other guys' experiences with adding LED lights to equipment. Which lights have you found to be reliable? Also has anyone found an LED light with great flood?
  18. John Deere
    I'm looking at upgrading to a new tractor for my sprayer that will also pull an 1100bu grain cart. I am getting quoted up on an 8R 280 and a 7R 270 but I'm also wondering if a 6R 250 would be suitable or am i getting into a tractor that will be too light for the grain cart? the tractor also may...
  19. John Deere
    This just landed
  20. Sprayers / Chemicals / Fertilizer
    Purchasing a Weedit Quadro and I am trying to decide if I want to use the PWM function for broadcast spraying. Is it worth it or should I just use the spot spraying feature and spray conventionally for broadcast. We will be putting the system on a 120ft r4045 and will use for all of our...
1-20 of 44 Results