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  1. Planting & Tillage
    G’day I’m looking for any feedback or experiences on paired row openers for our 1870. In particular Atom jet and Dutch openers. Judging by pictures they look like a more slim build compared to OEM. Would this mean they cut through the soil much cleaner with less disturbance and result in a...
  2. John Deere
    Just wondering if anyones pulling a 84 foot Bourgault on 12 inch spacing with a 1300 bushel tank with a 9560rt and if so what does it pull like?
  3. Case IH
    Hi guys. I'm looking for other guys' experiences with adding LED lights to equipment. Which lights have you found to be reliable? Also has anyone found an LED light with great flood?
  4. John Deere
    I'm looking at upgrading to a new tractor for my sprayer that will also pull an 1100bu grain cart. I am getting quoted up on an 8R 280 and a 7R 270 but I'm also wondering if a 6R 250 would be suitable or am i getting into a tractor that will be too light for the grain cart? the tractor also may...
  5. John Deere
    This just landed
  6. Sprayers / Chemicals / Fertilizer
    Purchasing a Weedit Quadro and I am trying to decide if I want to use the PWM function for broadcast spraying. Is it worth it or should I just use the spot spraying feature and spray conventionally for broadcast. We will be putting the system on a 120ft r4045 and will use for all of our...
  7. John Deere
    How big of a job is it to convert a large 1000 pto to small 1000 pto. Is there a kit a guy can get somewhere? Using the adaptors now but they always get loose or there is to much weight and then pto shaft vibrates.
  8. John Deere
    I have been out of John deere Combines since 2010. Had a claas 750tt for 7 years then had 8240 and 8250 case for 4 years. I am getting 780's on tracks. Im located in the MS Delta and will be harvesting wheat, high moisture corn(27% at most), and soybeans (tall big beans with usually green...
  9. John Deere
    So I got a hole in my engine block in my 9500, cost to replace, makes it worth looking at upgrading and scrap the 9500. Would I gain much capacity with a 9570, would be 6 row corn and 30' beans. If I went to 9670 would consider 8 row and 35' bean head. Also any thoughts on New Holland Cr9060...
  10. John Deere
    I am trying to get away from renting a JD 1590 15’ and upgrade to my own tool, a JD 1895. The drill is a 30’ 10” spacing, 1910 TBT Cart, 340 BU. No real heavy duty hills in the plains here but a few smaller guys. Covering about 1200 acres with it. I currently have a 7230R FWA, no duals. Can I...
  11. Tractors
    So, Im thinking of removing the after treatment on a 9570R. I’ve found a few tuners and programmers around that can delete it all. Either physically remove it or keep it in place just shut of. But i think i want to actually remove it. Anyways do anyone have any experience? Right now Im thinking...
  12. John Deere
    Was folding up JD 4830 sprayer after a clean out, went to drive away had no steering, went back to try booms had no hydraulic at all, seems to be electrical to me but don't know. I could only find 1 fuse with a hydraulic label, it was fine, oil level is fine. Any tips to diagnose problem. Thanks.
  13. John Deere
    I'm going to ask a question and i'll take all the help I can get. I am converting a JD 4400 combine to be able to harvest kentucky bluegrass seed. Small 3 acres is all i need it for this year. I found a pickup header that works for it. I'm trying to piece through the manual to find all the small...
  14. John Deere
    Gday, I’m currently running an air cart and liquid cart with 5 products through a RC2000 and a 4640 screen and I can’t seem to find how to change the area reading to area covered in a field rather than only seeing area covered with an individual product as it will only show product one in area...
  15. Farm Shops and Tools
    Greetings, As everyone starts to plant the seed for this year's harvest, let's think about the combines that will be reaping this year's harvest. We make and offer a new product that has changed the way that combine feeder houses are removed and repaired. Introducing the Bubba Stand. With the...
  16. John Deere
    Hi all 9520 is getting hot under Load, in 30°c air temps I can’t travel a mile without coolant temp alarm going off. As soon as I lift out to turn it drops a few points and alarm goes off. If I stop for 30 seconds it cools till needle sits at 12:00 I’ve stopped and cleaned radiator out twice...
  17. John Deere
    Last season we had 6 shafts break on our head, (its a 12 row converted to 8 row) its running on a 9660 sts. This season about 5 mins into the start of the season we just had another one let go. Do you think we are running it too hard or is this a known issue?
  18. John Deere
    Hi guys, I have a JD S680 combine with the Variable Stream Rotor in it. I understand it is normally used in Rice and Small Grains, but it says on the John Deere website that you can set it up to harvest corn with it. They suggest to remove some threshing rasps in the front of the rotor, use...
  19. Tractors
    Hi all, new member to site but long time reader and looking forward to the conversations. We currently have the old 8640 in the shop and are trying to figure out why there is coolant pushing out of the overflow line. The tractor is our secondary tractor and has just rolled over 10,000 hours...
  20. John Deere
    Hey Guys, I’m looking at buying a John Deere 710, has a little engine knock other then that in good condition. Just wondering if anyone knows how available parts would be in US/Canada? Thanks
1-20 of 30 Results