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  1. Specialty Crop Harvesting
    After using Macdon A-40 sickle auger windrower headers, I am looking into how the new Macdon GSS headers are going. Not only that but the legacy air fronts? Mainly swathing Ryegrass, Clover, Chicory and Fescue.
  2. Headers
    I was wondering if Macdon D135XL can harvest canola? I asked and did a search but I wasn't able to find a reliable answer. attached are the pictures of the header. any help is appreciated. Thank you
  3. Headers
    I always hear or read that Macdon swathers are faster cutters. Can someone please explain why that is and what is it that makes other swathers slower? Is it simple? like a more ergonomic handle? Quick raise and lower response? Bigger hole? Better use of horsepower? Better terrain following...
  4. Case IH
    We have a 30 foot 972 header on our 2188. We were having problems with it not floating well in peas. Decided to adjust the float springs on the adapter higher so it would contour better on the ground. Got 3 adjusted and what a difference! But now I can't get the third spring bolt to turn. It...
  5. Headers
    We have an older D 60 macdon header. 1st we noticed the 2 side canvasses were running slow. Tried to turn the speed knob but it made no difference. We noticed we were a little low on oil so we added oil. Tried it again and it was still slow and as we tried adjusting the speed they stopped as...
  6. Headers
    I have a used 871 adapter looking to sell it. Was wondering where might be a good outlet for it. Located in Northwest Oklahoma. Thanks
1-6 of 6 Results