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  1. Fabrication and DIY Repair
    So our tractor unit on our windrower is starting to get some bad oxidization/fading and was wondering if a good buffing compound would help. This is not our cutter but very similar paint issues. second image is what it used to look like
  2. Massey Ferguson
    Wondering if the hopper extensions from a 9790 will fit an 8780xp? Looking to get a larger hopper and there is a 9790 being parted out a few hours away. Would be a cheaper option than going to crary big top. Thanks
  3. Massey Ferguson
    Wondering what the reliabilty is like on the massey 9795, 9895. They are very nice looking machines and a decent amount within our area and price range. Just wondering what some positives and negatives of them are. Our other option we are looking at are a lexion 580r/590r a claas 670 or even one...
  4. Fendt
    I recently purchased one of mike Mitchell’s ideal 9’s at rb auction to run alongside 7 New Holland’s. Our farm is all New Holland’s. I always like to throw a odd ball in to try. I’ve ran 4 different Claas combines over the last few years also. Decided I needed to try a fendt out. We are located...
  5. Massey Ferguson
    Anybody have any or know where to get the flex wing extensions for the 8200 flex head?
  6. Headers
    Wondering if an AGCO 400 series header will fit our massey 8780xp (black throat). I know this head will fit Gleaner combines n5 through to R72 (with a 300 series feeder house). If needed I will get the measurements but I was just wondering if anybody on here has ran that configuration. TIA
1-6 of 6 Results